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The storey of the intoxication of Flint’s water and the damage wittingly inflicted on the city’s children is so shocking that it’s grueling to trust it is occurrence.

The CDC stock, which requires accomplish to protect children with higher lede levels, was set based on the conclusion of wellness scientists that thither is no rubber layer of trail vulnerability for children and that eventide at really low line tether levels life-long harms to children can hap. These harms admit afflicted mentality evolution and cognitive functions, depress IQs, attention-related doings problems, depress levels of academician accomplishment, and trigger-happy tendencies.

What can we do?

Regrettably, Granitic is barely one lesson of our corporate bankruptcy to protect children from existence uncovered to harmful levels of trail. Truth extent of lede exposures spans the country and, as in Granitic, the children most at risk to lead exposure are hapless and nonage.

Likewise, leash key that has chipped off or winded off the external of houses is in the earth where children swordplay and can be tracked indoors where children swordplay on floors. Combination the job, low-income neighborhoods are the nearly potential to be set close highways and industrial activities where track from fire or aeriform dethronement cadaver in the reason and well approachable to children performing away.

Piece leading in elder pipes is a pregnant peril in crapulence piss, particularly in homes built ahead 1986, the near substantial tether photograph danger is leash rouge in and about homes, where it has posed wellness problems leastways since the early 1900’s. Lead in paint also can be released in often non-visible dust simply by children playing on or tracking over floors or ledges that contain lead paint.

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Unfortunately, funding cuts by Congress in recent years have meant that many local health departments cannot assist children with lead in their blood. Then states and cities have had to cut funding, in large part because of the loss of federal grants. Chicago, Cleveland, and Baltimore are among the cities lacking sufficient funds to implement lead remediation programs. Shockingly

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, even after the tragedy in Flint, in January New Jersey Governor Christie vetoed $ ten million in funds to remove lead paint from older housing in that state.

But, as the Chicago data make clear, large numbers of children are continuing to be exposed to harmful lead and suffering its devastating effects.

These budget cuts around lead prevention are shortsighted because we know that these programs — especially inspection, remediation, enforcement and education programs — work. In the long run, the costs of cutting lead exposure and paying for the harms to children over their lifetimes will far outweigh the costs of prevention.

Ultimately, the failure to protect our most vulnerable children from a well-known source of lead poisoning is unacceptable. Two of the principal sources of exposure to lead were banned long ago: The federal government required that lead be removed from paint in one thousand nine hundred seventy eight and a phase out of lead in gasoline beginning in the 1970’s, with a total ban effective in 1996. As a result, the incidence of unsafe blood lead levels in children and adults fell dramatically in

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But many older houses, especially in inner cities, still have lead paint. It is not inexpensive to remove it. The average cost of removing lead paint from a home is about $ 1,600, if people even know they have lead paint in the first place or can afford to remove it. Government inspections of homes and government enforcement of remediation orders in rental housing are essential to solving the problem. And funding is needed to pay for lead paint removal.

The story is much the same for children in the largely African-American Sandtown neighborhood of Baltimore.

We need to restore – and significantly increase – this funding.

We’re not starting at ground zero. As the disaster in Flint should have taught us, sometimes it’s crucial that the money be spent. The top priority should be spending the necessary money to eliminate lead in the paint of older houses and buildings and play areas in residential areas.

most parts of the country. Indeed, blood lead levels in young children (1 – five years) dropped overall in the U.S. by ninety two percent from one thousand nine hundred seventy six to 2010, largely as a result of these two steps.

The highest blood lead levels in the U.S. are in African American children living below the poverty line and are far higher than for any other children, including other children living in poverty. In Chicago, for example, an exhaustive study by the Chicago Tribune found that twenty five percent of children in the low-income, primarily African-American Englewood and Austin neighborhoods have blood lead levels that are above the five micrograms per deciliter health standard set by the CDC in 2012.

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