Two north Kent MPs want out in Brexit vote (From News Shopper)

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Gravesham MP Adam Holloway 
“This is an outstanding opportunity for the British people.” “Leaving the European Union will still result in us being a member of the influential G7 group of nations, still a member of the UN Security Council and still a crucial member of both the Commonwealth and NATO. We must stay in Europe .the pound is weak now .much worse if uk not in Europe .richard Branson said it would be suicide to leave .boris Johnson is a idiot Buffoon “At the moment we have no control over our own borders. “We’re still going to trade with the EU – there is such a thing as world trade rules. News Shopper:
Dartford MP Gareth Johnson 
“But Europe has basically opened its borders and in effect, by staying in the EU so have we.

James Parsons, reporter / / News

Speaking to News Shopper, Gravesham MP Adam Holloway, said: “I want the people of

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“It was only because the Conservatives won the last General Election that we are having this referendum and it rightly ensures Britain’s future is determined by the people and not politicians.” “The United Kingdom has the fifth largest economy in the world, why do we need to be tied in with the needs and interests of say Luxembourg? “If we decide that we want to have thousands of very abled young and very hard working Polish people coming into our country to work that’s great, but we should decide that, it shouldn’t

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be decided for us. “This is probably a once in a lifetime opportunity to allow the UK to have a positive, dynamic future free from the burdens, bureaucracy and the controlling nature of the European Union. In the run on up to the EU referendum on June 23, Gravesham MP Adam Holloway and Dartford MP Gareth Johnson have both announced why they think we should leave the EU. Mr Johnson said: “For me this vote is about Britain having more autonomy over the laws that affect us.

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