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Yesterday’s 401k Investments Can Cost you Big in Today’s Economy

Yesterday’s 401k Investments Can Cost you Big in Today’s Economy

Investing in Today’s Markets Requires More 401k Investment Options, Lower Costs We’re in a new age of investing. If the reality check of 2008-2009’s “sky is falling” stock market didn’t help you recognize that, then here is your wake-up call. Say goodbye to the days of “index and forget it” and welcome to the Global […]

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Buy High, Sell Low? Participant Advice in the 401k Market

by Steve Dix, QKA As the market rebounds from the lows of 2009 I find participants who were so eager to bail out of the market a year ago are now throwing money at mutual funds as if they have forgotten the pain of the last bear market. Is it true that history repeats itself […]

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Taking a loan from your 401k plan

This 6 minute video was designed the educate 401k Plan Participants and 401k Plan Sponsors on the advantages and disadvantages of taking a loan from their 401k plans.

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Holding a Mortgage Note in Your IRA or 401k

A lot of clients have asked me whether they can hold the mortgage on their house or a business property inside of their IRA or 401k plan.  This is an interesting question, especially in light of the ultra low interest rate that the Fed is forcing upon us to help bail out the housing industry.  […]

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Traditional IRA and Roth IRA Comparisons

In plain terms, with a Traditional IRA the plan participant makes a tax deductible contribution, meaning the deposit in the traditional IRA isn’t taxed. The deposit and it’s earnings grow tax free for the life of the account. For example: John is age 32 and his total salary for the year is $35,000. John deposits […]

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Pros and Cons of a SEP retirement plan

Simplified Employee Pension Plans (SEP) are retirement plans designed for small companies or the self-employed meaning any type of business or professional practice with few employees. They are similar to SIMPLE plans in that SEPs offer tax-deferred investing, require minimal paper work and are relatively inexpensive to administer and run. Advantages: A SEP is simple […]

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