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Top 5 Tips – Choosing a 401k Plan Provider

Top 5 Tips – Choosing a 401k Plan Provider

It’s that time of year when employers re-evaluate existing pension plans, comparing value and performance, looking for ways to save money. With the recent fee disclosure rules put in place by the U.S Deptartment of Labor requiring greater fee disclosure to participants, many companies may be shopping for a new plan. Researching a 401k plan […]

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Yesterday’s 401k Investments Can Cost you Big in Today’s Economy

Investing in Today’s Markets Requires More 401k Investment Options, Lower Costs We’re in a new age of investing. If the reality check of 2008-2009’s “sky is falling” stock market didn’t help you recognize that, then here is your wake-up call. Say goodbye to the days of “index and forget it” and welcome to the Global […]

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The Five W’s of Being a Fiduciary

The Role of Fiduciary in Retirement Plans Webster’s defined the word “fiduciary” as: –noun – Law . a person to whom property or power is entrusted for the benefit of another When thinking about your plan you should know the 5 W’s: Who is a fiduciary? What is the significance? When are they acting in […]

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New Fee Disclosure Rules

What fee disclosure means for plan sponsors and participants December 14, 2010 | by Robert Alexander Fee Disclosure Background  – The Problem: For years the retirement plan industry has been waiting for the updated regulations on new fee disclosure requirements.  Why? Because current requirements have become outdated, not providing enough guidance as to what types […]

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Maximizing 401k Contributions – New Comparability

New Comparability Plans Is there a large age gap between the owners and employees in your company? As an owner, do you want to make additional profit sharing contributions to your account? If so, you may want to consider looking at amending your current 401(k) plan to add a feature that allows for the skewing […]

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Buy High, Sell Low? Participant Advice in the 401k Market

by Steve Dix, QKA As the market rebounds from the lows of 2009 I find participants who were so eager to bail out of the market a year ago are now throwing money at mutual funds as if they have forgotten the pain of the last bear market. Is it true that history repeats itself […]

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